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Greetings, Spugnort’s World fans! I am working on getting the site put back together and hopefully better than ever. Spugnort’s and several of the associated game guide authors, review sites, and vendors shut down operations a couple years ago due to financial troubles brought on by a massive decline in sales that tended to mirror the overall decline in the economy. With the way the company was structured and the equipment, hosting, and employee costs we had at the time, it simply wasn’t feasible for the company to remain intact.

So… instead of trying to rebuild what was (at its peak) a roughly $2 million dollar per year company – I am going to start small with the help of the one of our original guide authors.

We plan to initially put together some basic guide reviews, packages, and suggestions from the plethora of commercial products that still exist on the market. In addition, some of the products we previously released and worked on will be touched up a bit and many will be made available free of charge.

Hopefully, we’ll have a lean-mean gaming business back off the ground in short order and hopefully start offering some products and services that you will find of use.┬áIn the mean time – check back often as we are hard at work.


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