Hayden Hawke's Gold GuideHayden Hawke’s has she has spent (and continues to spend) a considerable amount of time working on constant updates and developing new tips and tricks for earning gold in World of Warcraft. The guide covers beneficial mods,
strategies, tip and tricks, and personal insights on how to best earn gold regardless of the population base or market conditions on your realm. Some of the key features of this guide include:

  • Constantly updated for the latest World of Warcraft patches
  • Detailed maps and instructions for each technique covered
  • Proven strategies which work for both Horde and Alliance factions
  • 100% legal, no cheats and will NOT get your account banned
  • Multiple different techniques are covered so you can continue to enjoy the game the way you refer to play.

The last of these is what really sets Hayden’s guide apart from others on the market. The option to play the game the way you like to play it instead of spending farming for a particular item or crafting piles of something else.

This guide offers you a multitude of different strategies for earning in-game gold that can used regardless if you are a casual player, item farmer, raider, or just like to hang out in a major city and chat with friends (just by knowing how to play the markets properly, the auction house alone can become a major money maker without needing to even leave the city to gather stuff to sell).

Easy to Navigate Format!

The guide layout itself is a simple and easy to follow PDF which can be used on a PC or Mac. Each section is well organized and bookmarked for you to quickly jump to whichever section you are looking for. The screenshot below shows the general layout of the guide and how it can be easily navigated using the a standard PDF reader.

Hayden Hawke's Gold Guide Screenshot

Guide Map Image

Detailed Maps are Included!

You will also find detailed images and maps to guide you to the best locations for finding materials, items, or farming locations. The following is an actual image from the guide showing the best location for a particular typeof resource you can use to sell or craft into other items. Easily locate:

  • Prime farming locations for items and materials
  • Multiple areas containing high-value items in case your first choice is heavily populated
  • Hidden locations that most players would never think to look for valuable items
  • Instantly know the value of items contained in a certain area with hints showing recent market prices
  • Discover the various vendors scattered across Azeroth that sell items that many people don’t know how to find (pets, recipes, and much more).
For more information and to get instant access to Hayden’s guide, click on the following to visit Hayden’s web site:

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