The following are some of the commercially available Starcraft 2 strategy guides. Information on how to play each race, counter every other race in the game, and pull off successful openers to crush your opponent are included.


Diamond Gamer SC2 Strategy GuideDiamond Gamer Startcraft 2 Strategy Guide - This game uses a unique approach to in-game strategy guides. It uses a special application to display the contents of the guide within the game without actually requiring an addon or alteration to the game itself. This allows the Diamond Gamer system the ability to pull up-to-the minute guide data from their site and prevents you from having to alt-tab to read the guide.

  • Early-game grid – This area of the guide lists a lot of game openers for any type of match-up. Just select your starting and opposing race and follow the information on the screen.
  • Counter-them grid – In this portion of the guide, you can get on-screen help in defending against a particular enemy race or unit type.
  • Individual race strategies – Each race type is covered, along with its strengths, weaknesses and how to most effectively play as as type.
  • Opener strategies – Openers for each race are included to help you get the jump on your opponent – even if you aren’t sure what you are up against.
  • Dozens of videos are available to compliment the guide and show you each of the listed strategies in action

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Joanas SC2 GuideJoana’s Starcraft 2 Strategy Guides – Joana’s guide covers not only the PvP aspect of Starcraft 2, but also contains a complete strategy guide to the single player campaign. The single play campaign guide is great for anyone looking to rack up those achievement points, unlock additional portraits, or just power through the campaign for “speed-runs”.

  • Multiplayer strategies – Strategies for every race are included. Opener, counter-attack, and aggressive strategies for each race help you dominate in PvP battles or even custom battles against the AI in custom map or co-operative games.
  • Videos with commentaries – Strategy and mission videos complete with audio commentaries are included with the guide so you can actually see how it is done.
  • Brutal difficulty strategies – The single player campaign strategies even include detailed information on how to blast through the game on the “brutal” difficulty setting.
  • In depth unit coverage – Every unit in the game is covered in-depth to discuss its strengths, weaknesses, and how to effective use it in your army or counter an attack from it.