Blizzard pushed the 4.3.3 patch for World of Warcraft today. Knowing the patch was being released, I decided to go ahead and let the launcher apply the patch before the maintenance was complete (need to be ready to go when the servers are back up, of course). However, when the progress bar hit the near 100% mark, I got a message on my screen stating that the patcher had hit an internal error and instructed me to contact Blizzard technical support. Unsure exactly what caused this, I moved all of the 64-bit client files out of the WoW directory and re-ran the launcher. At this point, I got a message stating that data corruption was detected and the launcher was repairing the game. Once the repair was complete, it started the 4.3.3 patch over again – this time it completed successfully.

In short – if you are running the 64-bit game client, I would suggest you remove the 64 bit files before you run the launcher to get the 4.3.3 patch. The following files should be removed from your WoW install directory:

  • Wow-64.exe
  • Scan-64.dll
  • MovieProxy.exe

Once these are removed, the patch should complete without error. This problem was confirmed by Blizzard Support in the following blue post:

The official post does not mention the Scan-64.dll file, but since it was installed as part of the 64-bit client, I removed it as well. The official 64-bit client post from Blizzard currently lists the 4.3.3 patch for x64 as “coming soon”. Hopefully it doesn’t take too awful long – Wow-64 runs much smoother on my machine (running Windows 7, 64 bit) than the 32 bit version.

Update: The 4.3.3 64-bit client is available for download. The Blizzard official post about it is here:

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