GameSpy have interviewed BioWare Austin’s Game Director James Ohlen, in the interview you’ll find information about the upcoming patch (hits Tuesday) that focuses around the Rakghoul creatures.

Here’s a snippet:

GameSpy: So, what’s got the Rakghouls so angry that they’re rising up?

James Ohlen: If you’re familiar with Knights of the Old Republic, or the world of Taris in The Old Republic for that matter, they’re the creatures that, if they infect you, you can turn into a Rakghoul yourself. The Rakghoul plague is becoming weaponized, there’s a danger of seeing it spread throughout the galaxy.

So Rise of the Rakghouls is a Flashpoint that’s for level 50 characters. We’ve been working on it for more than a year. It’s pretty epic, it’s really huge, it’s got a vast scope in the story. It’s story-heavy — we have some Flashpoints that are story-heavy and some that are story-light. The first ones that you played were the story-heavy Flashpoints, and that’s the type of Flashpoint that Rise of the Rakghouls is going to be. Part one comes out with our game update next week, and then part two comes out in our game update that comes in March.

Here’s the full interview:

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